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Organization for Tropical Studies

Telephone: (506) 2524-0607
Fax: (506) 2524-0608
Email: infoweb @ tropicalstudies.org
Telephone and e-mail directory of Costa Rican Office See organization chart

We are located inside the Research Campus (Ciudad de la Investigación) of the University of Costa Rica. Access is from San Pedro, across the street from the sports field of Calasanz High School (300 meters North, 25 meters West of Muñoz y Nanne Comercial Center), next to LANAMME (Laboratorio Nacional de Materiales y Modelos Estructurales). From this entrance, obtain a Visitor's ticket from the guard, drive 400 meters North and look for the brick building.

PO BOX 676-2050 San Pedro de Montes de Oca

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Costa Rican Staff Directory (Phone: (506)2524-0607)

Department Position Name e-Mail ext
General Direction        
  Director General of OTS Liana I. Babbar liana.babbar @ tropicalstudies.org 1100
  Assistant to Director General Guiselle Castro guiselle.castro @ tropicalstudies.org 1101
Development and Communicatinos        
  Head of Development and Communications Andrea Amighetti Ledezma andrea.amighetti @ tropicalstudies.org 1110
  Education Director Pia Paaby Hansen pia.paaby @ tropicalstudies.org 1500
  Graduate Program Coordinator Andres Santana Mora andres.santana @ tropicalstudies.org 1511
  Graduate Education Specialist
Barbara E. Lewis barbara.lewis @ tropicalstudies.org 1510
  Undergraduate Program Coordinator Adriana Baltodano adriana.baltodano @ tropicalstudies.org 1520
  Undergraduate Program Assistant Kattia Méndez kattia.mendez @ tropicalstudies.org 1521
  Undergraduate Program - Resident Professor Tropical Biology Erika Deinert erika.deinert @ tropicalstudies.org 1541
  Undergraduate Program - Resident Professor Tropical Biology Mauricio Garcia mauricio.garcia @ tropicalstudies.org 1540
  Undergraduate Program - Resident Professor Tropical Diseases Jessica Arias
jessica.arias @ tropicalstudies.org 1543
  Undergraduate Program - Resident Professor Tropical Diseases    @ tropicalstudies.org 1544
  Undergraduate Program - Resident Professor Tropical Diseases     1545
  Controller Miguel Méndez miguel.mendez @ tropicalstudies.org 1400
  Accountant Jorge Luis Jiménez jorge.jimenez @ tropicalstudies.org 1411
  Treasurer Lisbeth Meléndez lisbeth.melendez @ tropicalstudies.org 1430
  Budget and Control  Specialist Geovanna Castillo geovanna.castillo @ tropicalstudies.org 1420
Human Resources        
  Head of Human Resources Carolina Aguilar carolina.aguilar @ tropicalstudies.org 1130
Information management        
  Information Management  Coordinator Oscar Madrigal oscar.madrigal @ tropicalstudies.org 1200
  Administrator of Informatics for Biodiversity
Wagner López wagner.lopez @ tropicalstudies.org 1220
  Administrator of Data base Development
Diego Enrique Araya Chaves diego.araya @ tropicalstudies.org 1230
Information management / Library        
  Head of Library System Sofía Zamora
sofia.zamora @ tropicalstudies.org 1260
  BINABITROP Project Gilbert Fuentes gilbert.fuentes @ tropicalstudies.org 1262
  Operations Coordinator Minor Porras minor.porras @ tropicalstudies.org 1300
  General Services Administrative Assitant Carlos Chaves carlos.chaves @ tropicalstudies.org 1310
  Purchases and Warehouse Administrative Assistant
José Daniel Rojas
jose.rojas @ tropicalstudies.org
Reservations and Logistic        
  Head of Reservations and Logistic
Pablo Alejandro Richard Rodríguez
pablo.richard @ tropicalstudies.org 1330
  Reservations and Logistics Assistant Sonia López sonia.lopez @ tropicalstudies.org 1331
  Reservations and Logistics Assistant M° Gabriela Vargas gabriela.vargas @ tropicalstudies.org 1332
  Ecoturism reservation Assistant Aixia Rojas aixia.rojas @ tropicalstudies.org 1340
  Receptionist / Administrative Assistant Xiomara Cambronero
xiomara.cambronero @ tropicalstudies.org 1000
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Organization for Tropical Studies
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