Amigos 49

No. 49

Number 49, May 1998


Director's Keys and Notes by Luis Diego Gómez, Director
  • The Caribbean Basin as a Catalyst
        [La Cuenca del Caribe como Catalizador]
  • Botany in the Central Market - Far Afield in Ecuador
  • Drosera capillaris Poir
  • Las Alturas Biological Station
  • Another Wonderful Site on the Central Pacific Coast: Finca Tres Hermanas
  • Dr. Robert Sheath's Visit
  • Biologists at Work
  • Ecological and Taxonomic Studies of Neotropical Longhorned Beetles by Frank T. Hovore
        [Estudios Ecológicos y Taxonómicos de los Abejones Cerambícidos del Neotrópico por Frank T. Hovore]
  • Testing Some Hypotheses about Laboulbeniales by Julian Monge
  • The Fine Art of Tree Climbing by Kendra K. McLauchlan
  • Garden Diarist by Gail Hewson, Associate Director
  • Landscape and Changing Consciousness
  • Longwood Garden Fellows
  • Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich Wins Major Environmental Award
  • Las Cruces Library Continues to Grow
  • Alan Campbell, Visiting Artist
  • Pete Carmichael and Gail Shumway, Visiting Photographers
  • A Tribute to An Outstanding Staff Member
  • In Memoriam
  • Thanks to our Contributors
  • Poems
    Mind, by Richard Purdy Wilbur, 1956
    Evolution, by John Banister Tabb, 1880