Amigos 50

Amigos 50 Back Cover

No. 50

Number 50, November 1998


Director's Keys and Notes by Luis Diego Gómez, Director
  • A Meadow Is Not Always a Meadow
  • Botany in the Central Market: SOME Like it HOT
  • A Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust Internship
  • June Bugs
  • Las Cruces Advisory Committee (LCAC) Strikes Again
  • Catherine Simpson-Bainbridge, Artist-in-Residence
  • Tropical Medicine
  • A Call for Periodicals
  • Adopt-A-Stream: Environmental Education at Las Cruces (or Changing Students' Attitudes Toward Polluted Rivers)
    by Raúl Rojas, LCBS Resident Biologist
    Biologists at Work
  • Why do sperm lengths vary so much? Butterflies and moths provide some answers by Matthew Gage, Ted Morrow and Tristan Lougher
  • Ancient fires and fields: Reconstructing the long-term biotic history of the Las Cruces area by Sally P. Horn and Robert L. Sanford, Jr
  • Garden Diarist by Gail Hewson, Associate Director
  • Cosmopolitan Garden Characters
  • A Few More Words on the Rutgers Reforestation Workshop
  • Agroecology 98-7
  • Amistad International Biosphere Reserve Becomes More Accessible
  • Artists-in-Residence Week at Las Cruces: The Glory of Nature in Art to be Celebrated in March 1999
  • Swarovski Optik of Austria Donates Spotting Scope
  • California Migrants
  • Gracias, Amigos, and Recent Book Contributions
  • Poems
    Everyone sang, by Siegfried Sassoon, 1918

  • Las Cruces Biological Station and Wilson Garden Advisory Committee
    Alison Power, Chair, Cornell University Julian Monge, University of Costa Rica
    Lynn Bohs, Duke University John Schelhaus, Cornell University
    Jack Fisher, Fairchild Tropical Gardens Robert Timm, University of Kansas
    James Hamrick, University of Georgia

    Newsletter designed and edited by Gail Hewson
    Cover painting by Joan Carol, Oakland, CA
    Back cover drawing by Ruth Arras, Barnard College