Amigos 51

No. 51

Number 51, May 1999


Director's Keys and Notes by Luis Diego Gómez, Director
  • The Next Millennium: Botanic Gardens and Public Health
  • Where is the Septic Tank Located?
  • Botany in the Central Market--Coca: High Tea
  • Guest article: On Herbal Medicine, by Dee Atkinson
  • Biologists at Work
  • Hummingbird Diversity in Forest Fragments by Dr. Allison Snow
  • Herbarium Work Recommenced
  • Garden Diarist by Gail Hewson, Associate Director
  • Ruminations on Love and Time Passing
  • Recent Visitors
  • Remembrances of Costa Rican Meals Past
  • THANKS to our Las Cruces' Friends
  • Poem
    After the Alphabets, poem by W.S. Merwin

  • Las Cruces Biological Station and Wilson Garden Advisory Committee
    Alison Power, Chair, Cornell University Julian Monge, University of Costa Rica
    Lynn Bohs, Duke University John Schelhaus, Cornell University
    Jack Fisher, Fairchild Tropical Gardens Robert Timm, University of Kansas
    James Hamrick, University of Georgia

    Newsletter designed and edited by Gail Hewson
    Cover painting of Brown-billed Scythebill (Campylorhampus pusillus) by Pat Latas