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   n. 1 : A climbing herbaceous or woody vine especially of tropical rain forests that roots in the ground; 2 : The bi-annual newsletter published for friends of the Organization for Tropical Studies.


The Organization for Tropical Studies is a nonprofit consortium of 55 universities and research institutions in the US and Latin America. Founded in 1963, OTS is dedicated to providing leadership in education, research and the responsible use of natural resources in the tropics. To this end, OTS offers graduate and undergraduate education, facilitates research, participates in conservation activities, conducts environmental education programs and maintains three biological stations in Costa Rica: La Selva Biological Station in the Atlantic lowland rainforest; Palo Verde Biological Station in the Pacific deciduous dry forest; and Las Cruces Biological Station in the premontane rainforest near the Panamanian border.


Ecología de Ecosistemas Amazónicos: OTS' new course in the Peruvian Amazon
by Dr. Nora Bynum, Academic Director
From the President & CEO Dr. Gary S. Hartshorn
  • Beaver-tailed Lizards in Peru
  • In Remembrance:
  • Roger Perry
  • Leslie Holdridge
  • Education
  • Graduate Education
  • Undergraduate Education by Dr. Ethel Villalobos, Director Undergraduate Programs
  • Environmental Policy
  • Latin American Decision Makers
  • Corporate Decision Making & Environmental Quality in Central America
  • OTS Policy Dialogue Series for U.S. Decision Makers by Anne Polansky, Environmental Policy Advisor
  • Research
  • Research Fellowships
  • Research Highlights:
  • La Selva Bats
  • Environmental outreach program, "Water-for-Life", at the Las Cruces Biological Station: "Agua pura es pura vida!" by Doug Parsons, U Georgia
  • Research Listing
    La Selva Biological Station
    Las Cruces Biological Station
    Palo Verde Biological Station
  • La Selva Biological Station
  • New Services for Researchers and Students by Dr. Robert Matlock, Scientific Director
  • Special Sightings at La Selva
  • Christmas Bird Count by Orlando Vargas, Scientific Director's Assistant
  • Las Cruces Biological Station
  • Of swamps, marshes and wetlands by Luis Diego Gómez, Director
  • Edge effects on leaf-litter frogs and lizards by Martin A. Schlaepfer
  • Palo Verde Biological Station
  • Palo Verde National Park as a Ramsar Site by Dr. Eugenio González, Director
  • Flora & Fauna: Newts and Nodes from OTS
  • OTS Receives AMCHAM Award
  • Agradecimiento Público Anual
  • OTS Board of Directors Buys Land for the Guanacaste Conservation Area
  • Official OTS Friends T-shirt
  • Make a Gift for Future Generations
  • Explore the Tropical World With OTS


    North American Office (NAO)
    Box 90630, Durham, NC 27708-0630 USA
    Telephone: (919) 684-5774 Fax: (919) 684-5661
    Gary S. Hartshorn, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    David Arrington, CPA
    Corporate Controller
    Nora Bynum, Ph.D.
    Academic Director
    Jonathan Giles, CFRE
    Development Director
    Christina Cheatham
    Director Annual Fund
    Sandra Rodríguez
    Interim Assistant Academic Director
    Amy Barbee
    Office Manager/Administrative Assistant
    Doris B. Jordan
    Staff Assistant
    Carol Mozell
    Development Assistant
    Whanessa Choates
    Administrative Secretary

    Palo Verde Biological Station
    Telephone: (506) 284-6105/6106 (9-11 am, 6-10 pm)
    Contact Jorge Jiménez at CRO for station information
    Eugenio González, Ph.D.
    David Guadamuz
    Administrative Assistant
    Salomon Bermúdez
    Maintenance Manager

    La Selva Biological Station
    Apdo 53-3069, Puerto Viejo
    de Sarapiquí, Heredia,
    Costa Rica
    Telephone: (506) 766-6565
    FAX: (506) 766-6535

    Robert Matlock, Ph.D.
    Scientific Director
    José Francisco Mora V.
    Calixto López Davis
    Head of Operations
    Isaías Alvarado
    Addy Rosales
    Tania Brenes
    Research Laboratory Manager
    Ruth Rodríguez
    Head of Education Services
    Orlando Vargas
    Scientific Director's Assistant
    Rosa Sandoval
    Community Relations Coordinator
    Carlos Barquero
    Environmental Education Coordinator
    Silvia Molina
    Executive Secretary

    Costa Rican Office (CRO)
    Apartado 676-2050 San Pedro de Montes de Oca,
    San José, Costa Rica
    Telephone: (506) 240-6696
    FAX: (506) 240-6783

    Jorge Jiménez, Ph.D.
    Director of Costa Rican Operations
    Chuck Schnell, Ph.D.
    Senior Advisor
    Maritza Fernández
    Head of Accounting
    Ricardo Portuguez Morales
    Head of Administrative Services
    German Mora
    Organizational Development/ Human Resource Manager
    Francisco Campos
    Head of General Services
    Barbara Lewis
    Education Coordinator
    Deedra McClearn, Ph.D.
    Instructor of Tropical Biology
    José María Rodríguez
    Environmental Policy Coordinator
    Rodney Vargas
    Development Coordinator
    Todd Shelly, Ph.D.
    Undergraduate Programs
    Ethel Villalobos, Ph.D.
    Associate Director,
    Undergraduate Programs
    Erika Deinert, Ph.D.
    Instructor Undergraduate Programs
    Chris Ivey, Ph.D.
    Instructor Undergraduate Program
    Henry Salazar
    Computer Systems Administrator
    Kattia Méndez
    Assistant to the Director
    and Office Manager
    Annie Simpson
    Group Marketing &
    Services Coordinator
    Ana Carter
    Groups and Courses Coordinator
    Ana Beatriz Azofeifa

    Las Cruces Biological
    Station and Wilson
    Botanical Garden

    Apartado 73-8257 San Vito,
    Coto Brus, Costa Rica
    Telephone: (506) 773-4004
    FAX: (506) 773-4109

    Luis Diego Gómez
    Gail Hewson
    Associate Director
    Emilce Ramírez
    Station Manager
    Charles Acuña
    Administrative Assistant
    Mario Murillo
    Maintenance Manager
    Raúl Rojas
    Station Naturalist

    executive committee 1998-1999

    President Pedro León (U. Costa Rica)
    VP CR Coordination Claudia Charpentier (U. Nacional Autónoma de Costa Rica)
    VP Development Russ Faucett (Barrington Partners)
    VP Education Don E. Wilson (Smithsonian)
    VP Finance Peyton Fuller (Duke U.)
    VP Research David Clark (U. Missouri-St. Louis)
    Secretary Carol Augspurger (U. Illinois)
    Treasurer Ross Simons (Smithsonian)
    At Large

    Jim Ackerman (U. Puerto Rico)
    Jack Ewel (U.S. Forest Service)
    James Hamrick (U. Georgia)
    Carol Horvitz (U. Miami)
    Bette Loiselle (U. Missouri-St. Louis)
    Emma Tuk Mena (U. Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica)
    Past President Julie Denslow (Lousiana State U.)

    member institutions and board of directors

    University of Arizona
    Lucinda A. McDade
    Larry Venable
    Arizona State University
    Leslie Landrum
    David L. Pearson
    Auburn University
    J. Wayne Brewer
    Craig Guyer
    University of California-Berkeley
    Gregory Gilbert
    University of California-Davis
    Charles R. Goldman
    Sharon Strauss
    University of California-Irvine
    F. Lynn Carpenter
    Bradford Hawkins
    University of California-Los Angeles
    Henry A. Hespenheide III
    Peter M. Narins
    University of Chicago
    Steve G. Pruett-Jones
    J. Timothy Wootton
    University of Colorado
    Michael Breed
    Yan B. Linhart
    University of Connecticut
    Robin L. Chazdon
    David Wagner
    Cornell University
    Alison G. Power
    Universidad de Costa Rica
    Oscar Rocha
    Manuel Zeledón
    Duke University
    Lynn A. Bohs
    Daniel Richter, Jr.
    University of Florida
    Lauren Chapman
    Hugh Popenoe
    Florida International University
    Maureen Donnelly
    Steven F. Oberbauer
    University of Georgia
    James L. Hamrick
    Catherine M. Pringle
    Harvard University
    Noel Michele Holbrook
    Peter F. Stevens
    University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
    Carol K. Augspurger
    Mark David
    Indiana University
    Keith Clay
    Donald Whitehead
    Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
    Juvenal Valerio
    Braulio Vílchez A.
    University of Kansas
    Paul Rich
    Robert M. Timm
    University of Kentucky
    Scott Gleeson
    David H. Wise
    Louisiana State University
    Julie S. Denslow
    G. Bruce Williamson
    University of Maryland
    Douglas E. Gill
    Barbara Thorne
    University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    Peter Alpert
    Curtice R. Griffin
    University of Miami
    Carol C. Horvitz
    Jay M. Savage
    University of Michigan
    John H. Vandermeer
    Michigan State University
    Tom M. Burton
    Peter G. Murphy
    University of Minnesota
    Franklin H. Barnwell
    University of Missouri-Columbia
    Tim Holtsford
    University of Missouri-St. Louis
    Bette Loiselle
    Victoria Sork
    Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
    Mariela Bermúdez M.
    Melania Ortiz V.
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Costa Rica
    Claudia Charpentier E.
    Leonidas Villalobos
    University of North Carolina
    David Pfennig
    Seth R. Reice
    North Carolina State University
    Ted Shear
    Ohio University
    Don Miles
    Jan Salick
    Oregon State University
    Bruce A. Menge
    Phillip Sollins
    Pennsylvania State University
    Stephen Beckerman
    Jack C. Schultz
    University of Pittsburgh
    Walter Carson
    Billie DeWalt
    University of Puerto Rico
    James D. Ackerman
    T. Mitchell Aide
    Purdue University
    Andrew R. Gillespie
    Kerry Rabenold
    Rice University
    David Brown
    Alan Thornhill
    Rutgers University
    Jean M. Hartman
    Richard Lathrop
    Smithsonian Institution
    David Roubik
    Don E. Wilson
    Southern Illinois University
    Beth A. Middleton
    John Phelps
    State University of New York-Stony Brook
    Charles H. Janson
    Patricia C. Wright
    University of Tennessee
    Sally P. Horn
    Gary F. McCracken
    Tulane University
    Thomas W. Sherry
    Julie L. Whitbeck
    Universidad Nacional Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica
    Luis Fernando Ramírez
    Emma Tuk Mena
    US Forest Service-Research
    John J. Ewel
    Richard Smythe
    University of Utah
    Dinah Davidson
    Donald H. Feener, Jr.
    University of Washington
    Ray B. Huey
    Douglas W. Schemske
    Washington University
    P. Mick Richardson
    Robert W. Sussman
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Tom J. Givnish
    Stanley Temple
    Yale University
    James A. Bryan
    Junhyong Kim
    At Large
    David Clark
    Russ Faucett
    Peyton Fuller
    Ross Simons
    Pedro León

    board of visitors

    Joan Slatkin Barton
    Michelle Cloud
    Eli Lilly and Company
    Russell B. Faucett
    Barrington Partners
    Christiana Figueres
    Center for Sustainable Development in the Americas
    John Foster
    Harbor Advisory Group
    Gerald Freeman
    Stone Container Corporation
    Peter Gilmore
    Dole Foods, S.A.
    C. Thomas Hendrickson
    Triangle Environmental
    Thomas Lovejoy
    World Bank
    Joan Martin-Brown
    The World Bank Office for Sustainable Development
    Alan McGowan
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Marigold Murray de Genis
    Hacienda Cachí
    Ida Cortés Núñez
    Gordon Orians
    University of Washington
    Arthur Pappas
    A.M. Pappas & Associates
    Roger Perry
    Tamra Raven
    Carlos Rodríguez E.
    Rodolfo Silva
    Former Costa Rican Ambassador to the U.S.
    Stephanie Stone de Feoli
    Richard White
    Duke University