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Farewell to participants of the Tropical Diseases Program  

A new iteration of the Tropical Diseases, Environmental Change and Human Health Semester Abroad Program in Costa Rica has ended. Students had a great time learning about neglected health issues, indigenous beliefs and practices, and the relationship between climate change and emergence of tropical diseases.

A much-anticipated event at the conclusion of the semester was the presentation of the results of students’ independent research projects. Students prepared posters (in Spanish!) to inform the communities surrounding La Selva about their research and results.

This semester there were four very interesting projects: The antibacterial properties of tropical fruits; habitat preferences and infection status of vectors of Leishmaniasis; species diversity of mosquito populations; and, a survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices of community members with regards to neglected health issues: Dengue, Leishmaniasis, and snake bites.

The presentation was open to everybody, including La Selva station’s staff, visitor researchers, fellow Costa Rican students, and community members.

Photo: Kenneth Alfaro

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