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Developing field research skills  

This week, participants of the Tropical Diseases, Environmental Change and Human Health Undergraduate Program started an exciting phase: their Faculty Led Projects at La Selva.

Their research projects will focus on parasite loads of peccaries; landscape variation in phytotelmata and its link with abundance of disease vectors; as well as host‐parasite interactions and host fidelity in bat flies.

Students will be guided and supervised by the experienced scientists Drs. Steven M. Whitfield and Gwen Myers from the Zoo Miami; Dr. Mariano Soley-Guardia, from City University of New York; and Dr. Amanda Wendt, OTS Education and Research  Liaison at La Selva.

After being exposed to such diverse research topics and hands-on experiences, the students will start planning and writing the proposals for their own Independent Research Projects, that will be presented at the end of the semester, at La Selva. Two weeks full of learning and research skills-development are coming for our undergraduate “Trop -Di” program!

Learn more about our students’ experiences visiting their blog here.

Last Updated ( 03/02/17 )
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