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La Selva receives a $620,000 grant from USAID for our greening initiatives

La Selva’s commitment towards financial and environmental sustainability just got a big boost from the US Agency for International Development, USAID. Through their American Hospitals and Schools Abroad, ASHA, the agency is funding a transformational project for the station, one that will bring benefits to OTS for many years.

The renovation of several buildings, construction of new spaces, and retrofitting with energy efficient appliances and photovoltaic systems, will substantially reduce the energy usage of the station. New offices around the Herbarium building will replace the old offices at the Ceiba building. The Conference room will be upgraded to a new standard of energy efficiency, together with the ALAS and the Old Lab buildings. The Reception will get an overhaul, making it energy efficient, more welcoming, and preparing it for a future expansion to include a Visitor Center. Finally, the installation of additional solar panels will increase our production of electricity, further reducing our dependency on external sources.

On Saturday, May 13, representatives from the U.S. Agency for International Development, from the Office of ASHA, Javier Vaca –Reports Manager- and Mohammed Latif –Lead Sr. Engineering Officer- visited La Selva for an assessment of the facilities that will undergo renovations as part of this grant award. Their visit was enlivened by species along the way, including a sloth in the trees next to the Stone Memorial Bridge, bats, iguanas, turtles, spider monkeys -which are not usually common surrounding the buildings-, and peccaries, among others.

We look forward to keeping our readers informed of the construction process and the improvements made to the station as part of La Selva’s 50th anniversary.

Last Updated ( 05/16/17 )
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