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Palo Verde donates four old stereo microscopes

Palo Verde Research Station recently donated four old stereo microscopes to two schools in the surrounding area of Palo Verde National Park. The two schools that received these microscopes were in the Falconiana and Bagatzi communities.  Davinia Beneyto from Palo Verde Research Station showed the teachers how to use the microscopes to improve their science classes.

The teachers are already using the stereo microscopes to show the body parts of insects, leaves, and flowers to their students.  The students and teachers now get to enjoy the microscopic world seeing the details of the pollen on the stamens, or the scales in the wing of a butterfly, even the complex structures of the eyes of insects.

We are thrilled Falconiana and Bagatzi accepted our donated stereo microscopes to help teach the Costa Rican scientists of tomorrow.

Pictured is Dr. Sabrina Amador who helped explain to the teachers and students how to use the stereo microscopes.

Last Updated ( 06/13/17 )
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