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US AID-ASHA Grant Scheduled to Transform La Selva

Our recent $620,000 grant from the US Agency for International Development’s American Hospitals and Schools Abroad Program, ASHA, is on schedule to transform the La Selva Research Station. The improvements planned at the station include the installation of a new array of photovoltaic panels, the insulation of a variety of spaces to make them energy efficient, the purchase of also energy efficient equipment, and the construction of new offices to replace old and wasteful ones. The grant was announced by the departing US Ambassador to Costa Rica, The Honorable S. Fitzgerald Haney, and has received ample coverage by the press.

“This project brings us several steps closer to our goal of La Selva 100% solar,” said Carlos de la Rosa, director of La Selva. “Together with additional pledges our dream of sustainability is truly within our grasp.”

The ASHA improvements and the additional installation of photovoltaic systems under plan will practically eliminate one of the largest expense in running the station: the cost of electricity.

“Making the station ‘green’ and lowering the operating costs will mean a more efficient station and cost savings that we can pass on to researchers and students,” added de la Rosa.

Last Updated ( 07/11/17 )
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