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La Selva’s Canopy Towers Going Back Up, Taller and Stronger

In 2015, two Canopy towers at La Selva Research Station, were toppled by a falling tree during a wind storm. Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the famous Canopy Towers are being reassembled and improved. Tower 1 is up and ready for research again.  

The La Selva crews have been working diligently to bring this important research infrastructure back online for canopy-related research, such as with outfitting the towers with sensors to assess the changing conditions of the forest canopy. It took a tremendous amount of effort to disentangle the fallen towers from the forest, take them apart, and transport them on foot to the station’s shop to get repaired, cleaned, and rebuilt. Now, Tower 1, at 36 meters tall, is ready for action. Tower 2 is getting prepped. This second tower will be 55 meters tall, much taller than before, and  will require anchor cables and break-away bolts in case another tree falls on the structure. Stay tuned for more news on the towers!

Last Updated ( 08/14/17 )
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