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Tropical Depression Nate in Central America

The tropical depression that is in Central America, Nate, is expected to be come a hurricane that may impact the U.S.  The storm has resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and a state of emergency has been declared in both countries with schools and government shut down.  Travel is very difficult due to to landslides, flooded roads, and bridges being washed away. 
We have two semester classes running and all students are safe.
Tropical Diseases Semester    The class was in Nicaragua this week.  They were expected to come back to Costa Rica today after spending a night in Granada.  They were in Managua earlier this week.  We are holding the class in place at their hotel in Granada, Nicaragua as their return highway near Rivas has collapsed.  We are exploring an alternate route by Los Chiles.  The class was scheduled to go to Palo Verde next.  Guanacaste Province has been particularly hard hit by flooding so they will not go the Palo Verde and instead they will go to our La Selva Research Station.  The highway there is reported to be open.   We will only travel when we have confirmed that it is safe to travel to La Selva.  For now the class is comfortably housed in a hotel in Granada, Nicaragua.
Tropical Biology Semester:  The class is in Las Cruces in Southern Costa Rica.  That area has not been hit as hard.  The class is scheduled to be there all week.  Both major highways from San Jose to the south are closed but are expected to be opened soon.
We are continuing to monitor the situation. The student are safe and we are not travelling until it is safe and possible to do so.  This was not a wind event but torrential rains have made travel very difficult and is causing a great deal of suffering for many people in Central America.  Many people in the region are having a very rough time.  Our students and staff are safe.
Last Updated ( 01/16/18 )
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