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Support our recovery at La Selva after an unusual climatic event 

We need your help!

On Saturday, May 19, tornado-like winds damaged the forest at the La Selva Research Station in Costa Rica, toppling hundreds of trees. Some venerable canopy-emergent trees, like the massive jabillo (Hura crepitans) featured in the BBC special Planet Earth II, crashed to the ground completely blocking the Sendero Tres Ríos. In fact, no trail, road, bridge, or electrical power line was spared. With so much destruction, we are thankful that no visitors, students, researchers or staff were injured. 

We are asking for your help to recover from this unusual climatic event!

The overall impact of this powerful storm is becoming increasingly evident as we continue to assess the damage.  Our scientific staff is inventorying downed trees to determine the impact on the ecosystem and ongoing research projects. Our maintenance and field crews face the overwhelming task of removing fallen trees and clearing debris off the trails, campus, and buildings.  This is more than a simple clean up and could take months to restore La Selva to normal operations.

Amidst this chaos, La Selva is preparing for students and researchers to fill the station to capacity this summer, and we will need to use every bedroom, laboratory bench space, dining room seat, and field infrastructure that was damaged during the storm.

We need your help now to be ready for this summer

You know our station.  We all know how important it is for young scientists starting their careers, for post-docs and career researchers to continue their work in climate change and other cutting-edge science. We also appreciate the importance of natural history visitors touring the forest and understanding the impact of the human footprint. These lessons are best learned at the station, with our guides, professors, staff, and accumulated knowledge. Repairing the damage to La Selva is essential for important work to continue this summer.

Your support right now is critical

“Our organization has gone through various difficult situations and has always been able to get up and move forward. Together, all of us combined, have the responsibility to pass forward the La Selva vision and continue to change the lives of many people to come,” said Charles Acuña, La Selva’s Administrator, after the storm. We couldn’t agree more with his sentiments. 

Please make your gift today to support our recovery effort

Support our recovery at La Selva after an unusual climatic event


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