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La Selva maintains a database of information on all research projects carried out at the station. The objectives are to create a secure archive of information about La Selva, promote the coordinated use of complementary data sets and enhance the value of La Selva as a research site.

OTS recognizes the interest of researchers in controlling the use of data that they have collected. At the same time, institutional and societal commitments of funds, facilities, and site protection substantiate an obligation to ensure the eventual accessibility of the data.

For these reasons, OTS implements the following data archival policy to guarantee the long-term availability of such data sets and their protection from unauthorized use:
  1. A research proposal is required before initiating work and a brief report must be submitted at the end of each stay. Researchers may also be required to submit fully documented data sets in cases where the project involved data of broad utility or special interest (e.g., information on temporal patterns; spatially-referenced physical, chemical, and biological data; information on marked individuals of long-lived organisms; and data on rare or endangered species.)
  2. OTS will safeguard data from release to persons not specifically authorized by the investigator for a period of five years after the data are deposited. This protection can be renewed every five years on written request of the investigator. The data will be made generally available in the absence of such a written request.
  3. In the event of an investigator's death while data are protected, data will be made generally available in the absence of contrary instructions.
  4. In the case of projects already underway, it is especially critical that investigators appreciate the importance of depositing previous data, to enhance the value of future data that must be deposited on request.

All researchers must sign the following statement:

I have read the Database Policy and agree to submit my data, properly described, for archiving purposes if requested. I also agree to send OTS three copies of each publication resulting from this work. The project proposal has been approved on (date) by the station director(s), or will be submitted for approval on or about (date).

Signature / Date

For additional information contact the La Selva Scientific Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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