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Vol. 49 (Suppl. 1)


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Systematics of Tropical Eastern Pacific Fishes
by Philip A. Hastings & D. Ross Robertson


Hastings, P.A. & D.R. Robertson
Systematics of tropical eastern Pacific fishes (Preface)

Böhlke, E.
Gymnothorax eurygnathos, a new moray from the Gulf of California (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)

McCosker, J.E. & R.J. Lavenberg
Gordiichtyscombibus, a new species of eastern Pacific sand-eel (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae)

McCosker, J.E. & D.R. Robertson
Aplatophis zorro, a new species of eastern Pacific snake-eel, with comments on New World ophichthid distributions (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae)

Iwamoto, T. & J.E. Mccosker
Notes on Galápagos grenadiers (Pisces, Gadiformes, Macrouridae), with the description of a new species of Coryphaenoides

Wilson, R.R., Jr.
A new species of Nezumia (Gadiformes: Macrouridae) from Fieberling Guyot,
eastern north Pacific Ocean

Banford, H.M. & B.B. Collette
A new species of halfbeak, Hyporhamphus naos (Beloniformes: Hemiramphidae),
from the tropical eastern Pacific

Collette, B.B. & H.M. Banford
Status of the eastern Pacific agujon needlefish Tylosauruspacificus (Steindachner, 1876) (Beloniformes: Belonidae

Béarez, P.
Description of a new weakfish, Cynoscion nortoni, from Ecuador with a note on the
distribution of Umbrina bussingi (Perciformes: Sciaenidae)

Chao, N.L.
Two new species of Stellifer from inshore waters of the eastern Pacific, with a
redescription of S. ephelis (Perciformes: Sciaenidae)

Chao, N.L., P. Béarez & D.R. Robertson
A new genus and new species of Sciaenidae from the Gulf of Panama (Perciformes: Sciaenidae)

Baldwin, C.C. & J.E. McCosker
Wrasses of the Galápagos Islands, with the description of a new deepwater species
of Halichoeres (Perciformes: Labridae)

Victor, B.C., G.M. Wellington & C. Caldow
A review of the razorfishes (Perciformes: Labridae) of the eastern Pacific Ocean

Collette, B.B. & D.R. Robertson
Redescription of Ammodytoides gilli, the tropical eastern Pacific sand lance (Perciformes: Ammodytidae)

Williams, J.T. & V.G. Springer
Review of the South American-Antarctic triplefin fish genus Helcogrammoides (Perciformes: Tripterygiidae)

Hastings, P.A.
Protemblemaria perla, a new species of tube blenny (Perciformes: Chaenopsidae) from the tropical eastern Pacific

Bussing, W.A.
Ptereleotris carinata, a new species of hovering goby (Perciformes: Microdesmidae) from the tropical eastern Pacific

Miller, P.J. & S. Stefanni
The eastern Pacific species of Bathygobius (Perciformes: Gobiidae)

Hoese, D.F. & S. Reader
A preliminary review of the eastern Pacific species of Elacatinus (Perciformes: Gobiidae)

Hoese, D.F. & S. Reader
Revision of the eastern Pacific species of Gobulus (Perciformes: Gobiidae), with description of a new species

Walker, H.J., Jr. & J. Bollinger
A new species of Trinectes (Pleuronectiformes: Achiridae), with comments on the other eastern Pacific species of the genus

Munroe, T.A. & J.E. Mc Cosker
Redescription of Symphurus diabolicus a poorly-known, deep-sea tonguefish (Pleuronectiformes: Cynoglossidae) from the Galápagos Archipelago