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Vol. 53 (Suppl. 1)


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Proceedings of 31st Scientific Meeting of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC)
by Jorge Cortés


Richardson, L.L., D.K. Mills, E.R. Remily & J.D. Voss
Development and field application of a molecular probe for the primary pathogen of the coral disease white plague type II

Ramsundar, H.
The distribution and abundance of wetland ichthyofauna, and exploitation of the fisheries in the Godineau Swamp, Trinidad – Case study

Otero, E. & K.K. Carbery
Chlorophyll a and turbidity patterns over coral reefs systems of La Parguera Natural Reserve, Puerto Rico

Norville, W.
Spatial distribution of heavy metals in sediments from the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Rojas de Astudillo, L., I. Chang Yen & I. Bekele
Heavy metals in sediments, mussels and oysters from Trinidad and Venezuela

Segnini de Bravo, M.I. J. Medina, S. Marcano, H.J. Finol & A. Boada-Sucre
Effects of herbicide on the kidneys of two Venezuelan cultured fish

Warner, G.F.
The occurrence of black corals (Antipatharia) in Jamaican reef environments, with special reference to Stichopathes lutkeni

Brito, L. & S. Silva
Fenología y ciclo de vida del alga Gracilariopsis tenuifrons (Gracilariaceae) en Sucre, Venezuela

Moulding, A.L.
Coral recruitment patterns in the Florida Keys

Quinn, N.J. & B.L. Kojis
Patterns of sexual recruitment for acroporid coral populations on the West Fore Reef at Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Bullock, C. & I. Moonesar
Potential sources of bacteriological pollution for two bays with marinas in Trinidad

Gayle, P.M.H., P. Wilson-Kelly & S. Green
Transplantation of benthic species to mitigate impacts of coastal development in Jamaica

Pierce, R.H., M.S. Henry, T.C. Blum & E.M. Mueller
Aerial and tidal transport of mosquito control pesticides into the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Bruckner, A.W.
The importance of the marine ornamental reef fish trade in the wider Caribbean

Hardin, M.P. & R.S. LeGore
Development of management policy for the marine ornamental fish and invertebrate fishery in Puerto Rico: A case study

LeGore, R.S., M.P. Hardin & D. Ter-Ghazaryan
Organization and operation of the marine ornamental fish and invertebrate export fishery in Puerto Rico

Nemeth, R.S.
Linking larval history to juvenile demography in the bicolor damselfish Stegastes partitus (Perciformes: Pomacentridae)

Riegl, B., R.P. Moyer, L. Morris, R. Vinstein & R.E. Dodge
Determination of the distribution of shallow-water seagrass and drift algae communities with acoustic seafloor discrimination

Moyer, R.P., B. Riegl, K. Banks & R.E. Dodge
Assessing the accuracy of acoustic seabed classification for mapping coral reef environments in South Florida (Broward County, USA)

Shapiro, A.C. & S.O. Rohmann
Summit-to-sea mapping and change detection using satellite imagery: tools for conservation and management of coral reefs

Ragbirsingh, Y. & W. Norville
A Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis for trace metals assessment of sediments in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Juman, R.A.
Biomass, litterfall and decomposition rates for the fringed Rhizophora mangle forest lining the Bon Accord Lagoon, Tobago

Juman, R.A.
The structure and productivity of the Thalassia testudinum community in Bon Accord Lagoon, Tobago

Armstrong, H.G.
Environmental education in Tobago’s primary school: A case study of coral reef education

Lum, L.L.
Beach dynamics and leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) nest distribution at Grande Riviere Beach, Trinidad & Tobago