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Vol. 54 (Suppl. 1)


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Aquatic Ecosystems of Costa Rica IV
by José A. Vargas & Julián Monge Nájera



Endocrine Disruption

Ann Oliver Cheek
Subtle sabotage: endocrine disruption in wild populations

Paul Gravel, Karla Johanning, John McLachlan, José A.Vargas & Eva Oberdörster
Imposex in the intertidal snail Thais brevidentata (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Coastal Contamination

Alison L. Spongberg
PCB concentrations in intertidal sipunculan (Phylum Sipuncula) marine worms from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Vera García, Jenaro Acuña-González, José A. Vargas-Zamora & Jairo

Bacteriological quality and anthropogenic waste at five coastal marine environments of Costa Rica [Spanish]

Golfo de Nicoya

Jeffrey Alejandro Sibaja-Cordero & José A. Vargas-Zamora
The vertical zonation of epifauna and algae species in rocky substrates of the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica [Spanish]

Matthias Wolff
Biomass flow structure and resource potential of two mangrove estuaries: insights from comparative modelling in Costa Rica and Brazil

Amanda Stern-Pirlot & Matthias Wolff
Population dynamics and fisheries potential of Anadara tuberculosa (Bivalvia: Arcidae) along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Golfo Dulce

Marco A. Quesada-Alpízar & Jorge Cortés
The marine ecosystems of the south Pacific of Costa Rican: state of knowledge and management perspectives [Spanish]

Harald Svendsen, Rune Rosland, Steinar Myking, José A. Vargas, Omar G. Lizano
& Eric J. Alfaro

A physical-oceanographic study of Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Timothy G. Ferdelman, Bo Thamdrup, Donald E. Canfield, Ronnie Nøhr Glud, Jan Kuever, Rolf Lillebæk, Niels Birger Ramsing & Cathrin Wawer
Biogeochemical controls on the oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur distributions in the water column of Golfo Dulce: an anoxic basin on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica revisited

Jenaro A. Acuña-González, José A. Vargas-Zamora & Rocío Córdoba-Muñoz
A snapshot view of some vertical distributions of water parameters at a deep (200 m) station in the fjord-like Golfo Dulce, embayment, Costa Rica

Alvaro Morales-Ramírez & Joham Nowaczyk
Gelatinous zooplankton in the Golfo Dulce, Pacific coast of Costa Rica during transition from rainy season to dry season 1997-1998 [Spanish]

Marco A. Quesada-Alpízar & Alvaro Morales-Ramírez
The possible effect of “El Niño” in the non-gelatinous zooplankton in Golfo Dulce, Pacific coast of Costa Rica during the period of 1997-1998 [Spanish]

Ana Margarita Silva & Jenaro Acuña-González
Physic-chemical characterization of two mangrove estuaries of Golfito bay, Pacific coast of Costa Rica [Spanish]


Gerardo Umaña Villalobos
Yearly cycle of stratification and circulation at Arenal Reservoir, Costa Rica [Spanish]

Gerardo Umaña Villalobos & Monika Springer
Environmental variation in the Grande de Térraba river and some of its tributaries, south Pacific of Costa Rica [Spanish]

Monika Springer
A taxonomic key to the families of caddisfly larvae (Insecta: Trichoptera) of Costa Rica [Spanish]


Juan José Alvarado, Luis Alonso Zeledón & Ronald Boyd
Fossil echinoderms from Costa Rica: preliminary notes [Spanish]