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Vol. 12 (1)

July / Julio 1964



On a new trematode, Haplorchis solus, from the intestine of a green tree snake Dryophis mycterizans, from Hyderabad
Simha, S.S.

A note on the genus Xenopharynx Nicoll, 1912, with a key to the species
Simha, S.S.

A key to the parasitic Euglossine Bees and a New Species of Exaerete from México (Hymenoptera-Apoidea)
Moure, J.S.

La fauna quiróptera del Departamento de Cudinamarca, Colombia
Valdivieso, D.

A note on Kohlsia graphis erana from Costa Rica
Arnold, K. & R. J. Tonn

Efecto de los cambios de temperatura sobre las frecuencias cardiáca y respiratoria del lagarto (Alligator mississipiensis)
Campos, V. M.

Seasonal incidence of larval Trematodes in Costa Rica
Tonn, R. J., G. W. Hunter III, M. Alfaro, J. A. Zuñiga & D. L. Redmond

Contribución al estudio fitoquímico de plantas costarricenses. I. Análisis Alcaloidal
Sáenz, J. A.

Schwartzitrema anhingi sp. nov. from the Indian Darter, Anhinga melanogaster Pennant, with a remark on the taxonomic position of the genus Schwartzitrema (Vigueras, 1940) Vigueras, 1941, Trematoda: Strigeidae)
Gupta, R.

Four new species of the genus Holostephanus Szidat, 1936 from Indian birds, with a brief review of the genus (Trematoda: Cyathocotylidae)
Gupta, R.

A new aquatic snail of the family Amnicolidae from Costa Rica
Thompson, F.G.

Bats of the Bogota Savanna, Colombia, with notes on altitudinal distribution of Neotropical Bats
Tamsitt, J. R., D. Valdivieso & J. Hernández-Camacho

Notes on a primitive stingless bee, Trigona (Nogueirapis) mirandula
Wille, A.