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Vol. 52 (3)

September / Setiembre 2004


Special volume on Genetics / Volumen especial sobre Genética


Julián Monge-Nájera

Bernal Morera
500 years ago, 50 years ago… time of discoveries and foundations

Francisco M. Salzano
Interethnic variability and admixture in Latin America - social implications

Federico J. Albertazzi
Scientific publications about DNA structure-function and PCR technique in Costa Rica: A historic view (1953-2003)

Mauricio O. Meléndez Obando
The importance of genealogy applied to genetic research in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Human Genetics / Genética Humana

Carlos De Céspedes, Manuel Saborío, Rafael Trejos, Gabriela Abarca, Avelino Sánchez & Laura Rojas
Evolution and innovations of the National Neonatal and High Risk Screening Program in Costa Rica

Adriana Pacheco & Henriette Raventós
Genetics of Schizophrenia: advances in the study of candidate genes [Spanish]

Alejandro Leal

Genetics of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy and the Costa Rican contribution

Jorge Azofeifa
The dystrophinopathies in Costa Rica

Patricia Cuenca & Fernando Morales
Unstable mutations, new challenges for genetic counseling of inherited disorders. [Spanish]

Patricia Cuenca, Fernando Morales & Isabel Castro
Disabilities caused by unstable mutations in Costa Rica

Gabriela Chavarría-Soley, Bernd Rautenstrauss & Jorge Azofeifa
Glaucoma in Costa Rica. Initial approaches

Lizbeth Salazar-Sánchez, Guillermo Jiménez-Cruz, Pilar Chaverri, Winnie Schröder, Karin Wulff, Gerardo Jiménez-Arce, Miriam Sandoval, Patricia Ramírez & F.H. Herrmann
Molecular diagnosis of hemophilia A and B. Report of five families from Costa Rica

Adriana Ramírez Monge, Gustavo A. Gutiérrez-Espeleta & Kenneth Loáiciga Vega
Familial Breast Cancer in Costa Rica: An initial approach

Isabel Castro Volio
Past, present and future of cytogenetics in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Isabel Castro Volio
Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomic defects in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Patricia Venegas & Julio Rivera
Cytogenetic studies in children with Acute Lynphocitic Leukemia-B in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Rafael Jiménez Bonilla
History of leukemia research in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Virginia Solís
Lafora’s progressive myoclonus epilepsy and diagnosed cases in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Environmental Mutagenesis / Mutagénesis Ambiental

Patricia Cuenca & Vanessa Ramírez
Environmental mutagenesis and use of biomarkers in cancer risk prediction [Spanish]

Auxiliadora González, Vanessa Ramírez, Patricia Cuenca & Rafaela Sierra
Polymorphisms in detoxification genes CYP1A1, CYP2E1, GSTT1 and GSTM1 in gastric cancer susceptibility [Spanish]

Rebeca Vindas, Fernando Ortiz, Vanessa Ramírez & Patricia Cuenca
Genotoxicity of three pesticides used in Costa Rican banana plantations [Spanish]

Rocío Castro, Vanessa Ramírez & Patricia Cuenca
Micronuclei and other nuclear abnormalities in the oral epithelium of female workers exposed to pesticides [Spanish]

Patricia Cuenca & Vanessa Ramírez
Chromosomic aberrations in female workers exposed to pesticides [Spanish]

Evolutive Genetics / Genética Evolutiva

Bernal Morera & Ramiro Barrantes
Is the Central Valley of Costa Rica a genetic isolate?

Jorge Azofeifa, Meinhard Hahn, Edward Ruiz, Lars Hummerich, Ana I. Morales, Gerardo Jiménez & Ramiro Barrantes
The STR polymorphism (AAAAT)n within the intron 1 of the tumor protein 53 (TP53) locus in 17 populations of different ethnic groups of Africa, America, Asia and Europe

M. Chaves-Villalobos, G. Jiménez-Arce & M. Sandí-Díaz
Polymorphism of the erythrocyte band 3 gene (EPB3) in ethnic groups of Costa Rica [Spanish]

Federico Villalobos, Alejandro A. Valerio & Axel P. Retana
A phylogeny of howler monkeys (Cebidae: Alouatta) based on mitochondrial, chromosomal and morphological data

María E. Zaldívar, Oscar Rocha, Kenneth E. Glander, Gabriel Aguilar, Ana S. Huertas, Ronald Sánchez & Grace Wong
Distribution, ecology, life history, genetic variation, and risk of extinction of nonhuman primates from Costa Rica

Forensic Genetics / Genética Forense

Ana Isabel Morales C., Bernal Morera & Gerardo Jiménez-Arce
Forensic implementation of DNA technology in Costa Rica: a retrospective analysis [Spanish]

Bernal Morera, Ana Isabel Morales C. & G. Jiménez-Arce
Genotype profiles for the Costa Rican population at 7 PCR-based loci

Christian Del Valle, Anayanci Rodríguez & Marta Espinoza
Comparison of three methods for DNA extraction from bone remains [Spanish]

Biotechnology /Biotecnología

Ana M. Espinoza, Griselda Arrieta-Espinoza & Ana Sittenfeld
Relationship of genetically modified crops with the environment and health of the Costa Rican human population [Spanish]

Marta Valdez, Rebeca López & Luis Jiménez
Current estate of biotechnology in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Marta Valdez, Iris Rodríguez & Ana Sittenfeld
Perception about biotechnology in university students in Costa Rica [Spanish]

Glen Arrieta, Alejandro Hernández & Ana M. Espinoza
Diversity of Bacillus thuringiensis strains isolated from coffee plantations infested with the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei

Miguel Muñoz, Isela Bolaños, Griselda Arrieta-Espinoza & Ana M. Espinoza
Expression of the rice hoja blanca virus (RHBV) non-structural protein 3 (NS3) in Escherichia coli and its in situ localization in RHBV-infected rice tissues

Ana M. Xet-Mull, Tania Quesada & Ana M. Espinoza
Phylogenetic position of the yeast-like symbiotes of Tagosodes orizicolus (Homoptera: Delphacidae) based on 18S ribosomal DNA partial sequences

Marta Valdez, Kenneth Madriz & Pilar Ramírez
A method for genetic transformation of maize for resistance to viral diseases [Spanish]

Myriam Hernández, Tania Quesada, Claudia Muñoz & Ana M. Espinoza
Genetic diversity of Costa Rican populations of the rice planthopper Tagosodes orizicolus (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

Libia Herrero Uribe, Esteban Chaves Olarte & Giselle Tamayo Castillo
In vitro antiviral activity of Chamaecrista nictitans (Fabaceae) against herpes simplex virus: Biological characterization of mechanisms of action