October 2018
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Update from the Chair
When asked, “How are things at OTS?,” I cannot help but reply that “It depends on your perspective, your priorities, and your sense of optimism.”

While our challenges are undeniable, I am very encouraged by the recent accomplishments of OTS. The following articles highlight the many accomplishments by our students, faculty, volunteers, and staff in the last couple of weeks. It is an amazing group of people who are deeply committed to our mission of sustaining the tropics through education and research.

When I look at OTS through our finances, I am very concerned. Because of past missteps and current conditions, OTS is in a significant cash flow crisis. Because of our strong endowments the long-term financial outlook is positive, but meeting expenses over the next six months will be challenging.

Our September fundraising appeal generated a wonderful response. Thank you to everyone who made a donation. I encourage you to visit our web site, if you have not had the chance to make your gift or would like to make another gift!

As your read about our recent accomplishments, consider the impact that your support can have on the organization’s future success in reaching its goals.
Energy Independence at the La Selva Research Station!
OTS took one step closer to realizing the dream of energy independence at the La Selva Research Station with the completion of the second phase of the solar panel project.   This stage will allow us to reduce our current energy consumption by an additional 12% which, combined with the previous reduction in energy use, represents an approximate saving of 22% of our annual consumption. Continue reading.
OTS has received $265,000 in funding from the NSF for building new housing for researchers at the Skukuza Research Station
OTS has received $265,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation to construct critically needed researcher accommodations the Skukuza Field Station, South Africa.  The accommodations would include two multi-functional units for either four single researchers for long-term stays or eight researchers sharing rooms for a shorter duration and will rovide ease of access to the dining hall, classrooms, and the Skukuza Science Center with its two laboratories and library.

Like previous construction projects, the researcher housing will highlight OTS’ commitment to sustainable building and locally-sourced materials. The building will also demonstrate the feasibility of low impact living by showcasing the design and construction materials to reduce the environmental footprint in all aspects of daily living in the Park. Continue reading.
Call for nominations 2018 Student Paper Award
Attention all OTS students, faculty, and alumni, the OTS Membership Committee is pleased to announce the tenth annual OTS Outstanding Student Paper Award. We invite nominations for a $500 cash prize for excellence in research via an outstanding publication in tropical biology written by a student. Continue reading.
Impact of Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
With funding from the National Science Foundation’s LSAMP Program, OTS offers a research experience in Costa Rica for underrepresented students - African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Alaskan Natives and Pacific Islanders. Learn more here.
New education exhibit at Las Cruces
OTS is excited to announce the opening of the new Sala de Educación Ambiental at Las Cruces Research Station. This gorgeous educational area is an interactive natural history exhibit and is a product of a community effort under the leadership of Carla Azofeifa. Please come and visit this amazing exhibit to learn more about Las Cruces!
Update on OTS website
OTS is in the process of refurbishing its website to reflect a cleaner design and to improve usability for our global community. Certain portions of the website remain under construction. However, applications to our undergraduate, graduate, NSF LSAMP REU, and faculty-led programs are available. Visit us at tropicalstudies.org.
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We are Accepting Applications for Spring 2018 Semester Programs

Field Ecology: Skills for Science and Beyond
Dec 28, 2018 – Jan 16, 2019
Application Deadline: Nov 23, 2018 (Rolling admission)
Faculty Led Academic Groups
OTS has assisted academic logistics staff has assisted hundreds of faculty members throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Costa Rica enhance their course trips by arranging everything from hotel reservations, transportation, meals, day activities, and research permits.   
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