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Customized & Faculty-led Programs

OTS knows the tropics. With almost 60 years of experience, who better to help create the perfect custom study abroad program, workshop, or work event in any of our locations. Build your own program from our vast experience and knowledge of the host country. We can coordinate and customize every aspect of your program or only the template.


  • Customized: Personalized program that meets the needs of your institution.
  • Affordable: Your institution retains all student tuition and fees.
  • Credit: Your institution provides the credit.
  • Global Focus: Faculty development opportunities.
  • Risk Free: OTS reserves all on-site facilities, logistics and deposits.
  • Stress Free: At OTS, we use our connections to create the perfect program or event.
  • Health & Safety: Five decades of risk assessment, emergency response, and crisis resolution have enabled OTS to maximize student safety and security.

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If you have additional questions, please contact us at facultyledgroups@tropicalstudies.org