OTS seeks to drive scientific discovery by supporting researchers at our research stations and other sites around our host countries.

Five decades of highly productive tropical scientists researchers at OTS sites have generated over 5,000 publications. We foster an international research community of established and emerging tropical scientists. OTS provides unique conditions at our field stations to help scientists and students get the most out of their research experience. OTS stations provide the ideal conditions to allow scientists to focus on their research. We offer assistance with permits, laboratory space, and other logistical details.

Knowledge accumulated by hundreds of scientists at our sites allows new researchers to formulate complex research that requires an existing knowledge base of natural history and historical data. The stations also provide a unique environment to engage with other scientists and become part of a knowledge-generating community.

OTS stations are located either in national parks or on properties owned by OTS, thus ensuring the safety of research sites. OTS stations are also the ideal home base to delve into surrounding landscapes to address large-scale questions.