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Membership Benefits

Consortium Student Benefits

  • Priority admission to OTS graduate and undergraduate field courses.
  • Lower tuition rate for all graduate courses.
  • Graduate research fellowships to support thesis, pilot, and post-course research.
  • Reduced station fees.
  • Networking opportunities, to find potential advisors and collaborators.

Consortium Faculty Benefits

  • Reduced station fees.
  • Invitation to participate in multi-institutional research projects.
  • Logistical support for faculty-led programs.
  • Networking opportunities, to find potential students, post-doctoral fellows, and collaborators.
  • Participation in OTS courses.


There are two options for paying dues to OTS.

The first and traditional method is through Annual Dues. OTS’ annual dues for the current fiscal year are $10,188.

The second option is Permanent Dues. This requires a one-time payment of 16 times the annual dues level, which ensures full benefits for the institution permanently. Currently this option is about $163,008.

The benefits of this option are:

  • Negates annual stress of identifying, processing, and paying dues.
  • Ensures that, even in difficult financial times, opportunities through OTS will be available to students.
  • Discounted membership over the long run.
  • Creates an opportunity for donors who have an interest in the tropics, as well as education, research, and conservation.
  • Provides an opportunity for planned giving bequests, especially for faculty and alumni who have benefited from OTS.

For more information about membership in our consortium or to begin the application process for your university, college, or research institution, please contact Jennifer Kelley.