Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course

July 24. A diverse group of students representing 11 American countries (Costa Rica, United States, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador) has given life to our Tropical Plant Systematics (SPT) course...Read more


 Are protected areas working?

July 24. Are protected areas working? Is the talk imparted by Dr. Bernard Coetzee on July 19th, 2017, at OTS´Headquarters in Costa Rica...Read more


 Reflection on Sustainable Agriculture course in Cuba

July 11. In June’s E-Canopy we shared a story of the first OTS course in Cuba, Sustainable Agriculture.  The course provided a wide overview of the state-of-the-art of Cuban agriculture. Currently, Cuba is a world leader in sustainable agriculture...Read more


 First Summer session of Global Health Issues in South Africa wraps up

July 11. The first session of the 2017 Global Health Issues in South Africa summer undergraduate course has just wrapped up.  This was such an exciting, sometimes challenging, yet deeply rewarding time in various parts of South Africa...Read more


 La Selva’s Canopy Towers Going Back Up, Taller and Stronger

July 11. In 2015, two Canopy towers at La Selva Research Station, were destroyed by a falling tree. Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation...Read more


 US AID-ASHA Grant Scheduled to Transform La Selva

July 11. Our recent $620,000 grant from the US Agency for International Development’s American Hospitals and Schools Abroad Program, ASHA, is on schedule...Read more

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