From Our Library

Like a good information generator, OTS informs to the public the scientific production from our stations and our countries.  In this section you can find the most recent bibliographical records that we have.  For some of these references we have a file in pdf format that we can share.  If you are interested in it, please write to library@tropicalstudies.org

Research Stations References

  • Góis, J. dos S; da Cruz, R.H.S.F.; Ovrebo, C.L.; Baseia, I.G. 2018. Cyathus tenuicorticalis (Agaricales, Basidiomycota), a new species from La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Studies in Fungi 3(1): 256-263. (NBINA-31450)LA SELVA
  • Freitas-Neto, J.F; Sousa, J.O; Ovrebo, C.L; Baseia, I.G. 2019. Geastrum echinulatum and G. rusticum (Geastraceae, Basidiomycota): two new records for Central America. Studies in Fungi 4(1): 7-13. (NBINA-31463)LA SELVA
  • Knowlton, E.D.; Kamath, A. 2018. Ants do not traverse the silk of adult female Nephila clavipes (Linnaeus) webs. Neotrop. Entomol. 47(6): 780-785. (NBINA-31280)LA SELVA
  • Kuprewicz, E.K.; García-Robledo C. 2019. Deciphering seed dispersal decisions: Size, not tanin content, drives seed fate and survival in a tropical forest. Ecosphere 10(1):e02551. (NBINA-31406)LAS CRUCES
  • Rojas-Azofeifa, D.; Sasa, M.; Lomonte, B.; Diego-García, E.; Ortiz, N.; Bonilla, F.; Murillo, R.; Tytgat, J.; Díaz, C. 2019. Biochemical characterization of the venom of Central American scorpion Didymocentrus krausi Franck, 1978 (Diplocentridae) and its toxic effects in vivo and in vitro. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. C 217: 54-67. (NBINA-31465)PALO VERDE

General References

  • Clare, E.L.; Fazekas, A.J.; Ivanova, N.V.; Floyd, R.M.; Hebert, P.D.N; Adams, A.M.; Nagel, J.; Girton, R.; Newmaster, S.G.; Fenton, M.B. 2019. Approaches to integrating genetic data into ecological networks. Mol. Ecol. 28(2): 503-519. (NBINA-31464)
  • Frank, T.M.; Gabbert, W.C.; Chaves-Campos, J.; LaVal, R.K. 2019. Impact of artificial lights on foraging of insectivorous bats in a Costa Rican cloud forest. J. Trop. Ecol. 35(1): 8-17. (NBINA-31459).
  • Janzen, D.H.; Hallwachs, W. 2019. Perspective: Where might be many tropical insects?. 2019. Biol. Conserv. 233: 102-108. (NBINA-31451)
  • Stan, K.; Sánchez-Azofeifa, G.; 2019. Deforestation and secondary growth in Costa Rica along the path of development. Regional Environm. Change 19(2): 587-597. (NBINA-31458)
  • Galván, I.; Alberto, J.; Sánchez-Murillo, F.; Gutiérrez-Espeleta, G.A. 2019. A recent shift in the pigmentation phenotype of a wild Neotropical primate. 2019. Mammal. Biol. 94: 66-68. (NBINA-31453)

If you want to explore more information we invite you to visit http://tropicalstudies.org/binabitrop it is a database where we store the scientific references that we find about biodiversity on Costa Rica since 20 years ago and we have 43900 records.