Global Big Day May 2021 – Results

Thanks to you and the 36 talented naturalists, Global Big Day was truly BIG.
See the results below.

Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around you and around the world. Your donation supports local conservation efforts in Costa Rica via the following organizations:

  1. The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) – OTS’ La Selva Research Station is one of the foremost tropical biology research stations in the world. Established in 1953, La Selva represents generations of research and conservation and protects 1,500 hectares of lowland tropical rain forest (https://tropicalstudies.org/).
  2. The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center (SCLC) – SCLC connects communities and conservation through educational programs, community development, and rural tourism (http://learningcentercostarica.org/).

The results



36 people from Sarapiquí participated in the activity



21 different routes



332 species of birds were identified



We received 19 pledges



We received pledges totaling $2,511

More Important Data:

  • Team Sarapiquí is in ninth place in Costa Rica for this event with 332 species identified.
  • Costa Rica is in twelfth place worldwide for this event with 709 species.
  • Team Sarapiquí is in twenty-first place worldwide for this event with a total species list of 7,267 in the world.


Although the event has ended, you can still support the efforts of our phenomenal naturalists.

The Sarapiquí Team

Routes and Participants List

Global Big Day

May 8, 2021

Route Number Route Name Leader Participant(s)
#1 San Rafel de Vara Blanca Iván Castillo

Luis Vega

Gilbert Molina

#2 Calle La Legua Ronald Jiménez Alejandro Ortiz
#3 Ceibo Olman González


Henry Gonzalez

Wayner Duarte

#4 Calle Llano Grande-San Gerardo,Río Sarapiquí y Calle Paraíso Hansell Vega Tatiana Sánchez
#5 La Virgen Centro y alrededores Ileana Molina

Sol Ángel

Joel Alvarado

#6 Reserva Tirimbina Lenin Duarte

Morelia Miranda

Verónica Miranda

William Mairena

#7 Lapa Verde

(Sector Pueblo Nuevo)

Geiner Huertas

Daniela Sánchez

José Cubillo

Elián Villalobos

María Fernanda

Andrey Castrillo

Nicole Méndez

Darling Vásquez

Enrique Salicetti

Geremi Telica

#8 Circuito El Roble-Chilamate JJ Umaña
#9 Selva Verde Lodge Jaime Alvarado
#10 Bijagual Wilson Huertas Sergio Artavia
#11 Linda Vista Erick Castro
#12 Chilamate centro y La Yerika Norte Jaime Alvarado
#13 CR Best Chocolate Rodolfo Alvarado Solange Huertas
#14 Lapa Verde (Sector Chilamate) María Isabel Vargas

Marcelo Corella

Kenneth Reyes

Nancy Castro



#15 Finca Murillo, Complejo y Avenida Marañon Kevin Martínez
#16 La Cureña Roger Meléndez

Jean Carlo Gómez

Gerald Campos

#17 OET Randy Alvarado

Dinia Umaña

Dvir Barkay

#18 OET Anthony Usaga

Ademar Hurtado

Dylan García Gust’avo Rojas

#19 OET (Sector La Guaria) Kevin Martínez
#20 Horquetas Ana Patricia
#21 Campos Azules Yahaira Rojas

Thank you to Holbrook Travel for sponsoring this activity, the teams of naturalist guides who put their birding skills and local knowledge to work, and to all of you who pledged or donated in support of Global Big Day 2021, Sarapiquí edition.