Global Big Day 2020 – Results

Thank you for supporting Global Big Day!

Global Big Day is an annual celebration of the birds around you and around the world. Your donation supports local conservation efforts in Costa Rica by the following organizations:

  1. The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) – OTS’ La Selva Research Station is one of the foremost tropical biology research stations in the world. Established in 1953, La Selva represents generations of research and conservation and protects 1,500 hectares of lowland tropical rain forest (https://tropicalstudies.org/).
  2. The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center (SCLC) – SCLC connects communities and conservation through educational programs, community development, and rural tourism (http://learningcentercostarica.org/).

The results



16 people from Sarapiquí participated in the activity



8 different groups identified birds



244 species of birds were identified



We received 35 pledges



We received pledges totaling $4,000

The Sarapiquí Team

Team 1: Andrey Castrillo Trejos, Randy Gómez Alvarado, Dinia Umaña Bermúdez, Danis Vasquez Garcia, Fabricio Cruz Rodríguez

Team 2: David Mora, Hansel Rodríguez, Hillary Mora

Team 3: Luis Vega, Ivan Castillo

Team 4: Joel Alvarado, Ileana Molina

Team 5: Ana Patricia Rojas

Team 6: Jaime Alvarado

Team 7: Roger Meléndez

Team 8: Eliam Villalobos

Thank you to Holbrook Travel for sponsoring this activity, the teams of naturalist guides who put their birding skills and local knowledge to work, and to all of you who pledged or donated in support of Global Big Day 2020, Sarapiquí edition.