OTS Staff

Wagner López

Head of Informational Projects for Biodiversity
Las Cruces Research Station, North America Office
Wagner has been working at OTS since 2006, combining his passion for technology and caring for the environment. In his current role of Head of Informational Projects for Biodiversity, he is in charge of geographic information system (GIS). Wagner’s specific roles include preparing for students’ courses and assisting investigators with GIS-related needs. He has a major in Forest Engineering from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. At home, he enjoys building Legos.
Why OTS?
While at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Wagner was introduced to OTS and became intrigued about the organization. When a friend informed him about a job opening for IT services, he said he quickly applied.
Future Goals
Wagner said he aspires to help disseminate information about caring for the tropics with other individuals.