Annual Meeting – Scientific Program

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As part of its Spring 2019 Annual Meeting, OTS, in partnership with Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), hosted a Scientific Program at the UCR Escuela de Biología on March 15, 2019.

Speakers included:

  • Daniel Briceño, Universidad de Costa Rica
    Opening remarks
  • Carlos Garcia-Robledo, University of Connecticut
    “A Voyage in the TARDIS – Tropical Biotic Interactions in a Changing World”
  • Andrea Vincent, University of Costa Rica
    “Avoiding Environmental Meltdown in Costa Rica – Can Science Help?”
  • Andre Kessler, Cornell University
    “Wake Up and Smell the Forest: The Promise of Chemical Ecology in the Tropics”
  • Jennifer Powers, University of Minnesota
    “Out of Costa Rica: the Past, Present, and Future Essentialness of Costa Rica to Tropical Biology”
  • Oscar Rocha, Kent State University
    Final comments on behalf the OTS Board of Directors
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