In addition to our work with future leaders, OTS strongly believes that in order to sustain the tropics, we must also work with those in the position to design, adopt, and implement decisions that can alter the future of the tropics.

By building on almost 60 years of experience with diverse stakeholders, we work with decision-makers to provide tailor-made solutions for addressing the pressing demands on the tropics. OTS’ programs have worked with decision makers such as the United States Senate and House representatives, Central-American legislators, important decision makers from the Peruvian Amazon, among others.

The Decision- Makers’ programs are founded on OTS’ education pillars: complexity and systems theory, radical collaboration, transformative and experiential learning, purpose driven, and ethical relations and reciprocity. Through these programs, participants will develop competencies to provide effective and long-lasting solutions, for example through policy analysis, design, and implementation; a systemic and complexity approach to the tropics and its ecosystems; scientific communication, among many other exciting and relevant themes.

The programs are hosted in Costa Rica, a country that provides a unique mix of ecosystems, conservation issues, global health issues, leading scholars, excellent infrastructure, which facilitates access to a broader range of sites, themes. Costa Rica also provides an avant-garde policy landscape to be used as a frame of reference for sustainable development. Likewise, OTS’ extensive network allows connections and interactions with key stakeholders and organizations throughout the country for in-depth, real life situations and case studies.


  • Customized: Personalized program that meets the needs of your constituency.
  • Global Focus: Faculty development opportunities.
  • Risk Free: OTS reserves all on-site facilities, logistics, and deposits.
  • Stress Free: At OTS, we use our network to create the perfect program.
  • Health & Safety: Five decades of risk assessment, emergency response, and crisis resolution have enabled OTS to maximize safety and security.

For more information on our decision-making program, contact us at info@tropicalstudies.org


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