Virtual House Party

OTS Virtual House Party

If you are like us, you are longing for a visit to one our research stations and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people! Since it seems like travel restrictions due to Covid-19 may be with us for a while, we have created an opportunity to get together virtually.

What is an OTS Virtual House Party (VHP)? Sixty minutes of fun – shared with 10 – 15 fellow OTSers! There will be time for stories from the field, questions and answers with Dr. Beth Braker, and a chance to win OTS swag.

What is the purpose of the Virtual House Party? Basically, the purpose is to connect with our friends. We miss seeing everyone and just want to share our excitement about the future of OTS. You will not be asked for money or to make any type of commitment.

What do I need? Just an internet connection – a phone, laptop, or computer will work great.  We will connect via Zoom, and all the information you need (along with any coaching) will be sent to you before the event.

What is expected of me? Nothing! We only ask that you show up and be prepared to be amazed with all that is going on with OTS. Learn about new educational courses, current research, and improvements to your favorite research station. We would love for you to share your OTS story, but that is not required.

Sounds great! How do I sign up? It’s simple. Fill in the information below, and our VHP Team will be in touch.

  • What does a VHP host do?
    1. Help our team set a date and time for your VHP.
    2. Help set a theme for the event, such as a focus on education or the Las Cruces Research Station.
    3. Help recruit people to attend (optional).
    4. Welcome people to the event.
    5. Send a thank you note after the event.
    6. Have fun!

Thank you!