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Why Costa Rica?
Who should visit?
Three Biological Field Stations
OTS Facilities
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Let the Organization for Tropical Studies customize a visit to Costa Rica for your students

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is home to a great diversity of ecosystems with an outstanding variety of flora and fauna, landscapes and climates. Experience the lush tropical rain forests, volcanic landscapes, deep blue lakes, beautiful plant and animal life, national parks and reserves of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica boasts 20 national parks, 27 other protected areas, nine forest reserves, eight biological reserves. (The Organization for Tropical Studies owns and operates 3 of these.) and seven wildlife sanctuaries. Some students will be lucky enough to see a Resplendent Quetzal in one of the country's cloud forest reserves. Others will witness the sea turtle floundering up one of Costa Rica's protected beaches to lay her eggs. The adventures are endless!

Who Should Visit?

Undergraduate educational groups and secondary school educational groups will benefit from the hands-on, experiential learning that our biological stations offer. Our stations provide many opportunities to broaden the students knowledge in the biological and environmental sciences. Our field stations, housing and dining facilities, laboratories, libraries, computer facilities and lecture halls provide all the necessary components of a successful field expedition to the Tropics. From guided walks through complex research projects, you can't find a more interesting and enlightening experience.

Three Biological Field Stations

The Organization for Tropical Studies owns and operates biological field stations in Costa Rica in three distinct ecosystems. The combination of exuberant biological diversity, modern research facilities, comfortable accommodations and easy access attracts students and educational groups from around the world.

  • Palo Verde
  • La Selva
  • Las Cruces

OTS Facilities

Resources at the stations for students and educational groups include laboratories with specialized equipment to accomplish many kinds of analyses, libraries - one with an herbarium, shade houses, GIS and computer labs, meeting rooms, lecture halls and even educational classrooms at our La Selva Station.

Housing is simple but comfortable with 2 - 6 per room, often with a shared bath. Hearty, delicious meals are served in the spacious dining halls. Electricity and potable water are available at the stations year round, as well as telephone, internet and mail services and transportation.

In addition to excellent facilities, we can provide both instructors and a fully developed curriculum on many biological science topics including: tropical biology, tropical ecology, ethnobiology, tropical medicine and more.


We are pleased to reserve space at our biological stations for your group. Reservations fill up rapidly and summer space is often limited. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. There are discounts for groups that reserve a year in advance and also for groups of 20 or more. 

We are pleased to reserve space for you and possibly customize your trip while in Costa Rica. We can make reservations at our sites and other sites within Costa Rica, provide logistical support including transportation and instructors, if needed.

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