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Expanding Educational Opportunities

The tropics are crucial to a healthy planet and the key to the world’s future. We prepare students to become part of that future. OTS field-based education programs inspire and prepare the next generation of change agents, critical thinkers, scientists, and practitioners. OTS students are immersed in tropical ecosystems, explore biodiversity first hand, connect with diverse communities and cultures, and experience the wonder of the tropics. OTS equips them to work effectively in today’s interconnected world and become a solution-maker for the future.

Your investment will provide:

  • Funding for undergraduate programs to ensure these courses can continue to be offered to students from all over the world
  • Student scholarships, especially for semester undergraduate programs
  • Funding for faculty recruitment to ensure that OTS continually attracts the world’s experts on tropical ecology

Community Connections

OTS has developed an interactive environmental program called “EcoMaletas.” It is an innovative set of educational activities designed and developed by OTS, which has the potential to educate children across Costa Rica about science, conservation, and human development. OTS provides elementary schools with a suitcase filled with 20 novel activities that allow children to learn about ecosystems and tropical nature through games, movement, teamwork, and exploration. Additionally, OTS provides teacher training and ongoing support.

Funding is needed to refresh activities, provide teacher training, and to assemble 75 suitcases for distribution across Costa Rica.

To learn more about educational opportunities at OTS, please visit this link.

For more information about how you can support OTS’ education programs, please contact James Boyle, Vice President of Philanthropy.

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