Legacy Projects

La Selva Research Station

La Selva –has become one of the most important sites in the world for research on tropical rain forest. Your support can provide critical funds for:

  • Repairs and upgrades to the La Selva Biological Station.
  • Installation of solar panels – David and Deborah Clark are offering a 1:1 match to install additional solar panels that will save more than $80,000 per year in energy costs.

Las Cruces Research Station

Las Cruces is home to the Wilson Botanical Garden – the most famous botanical garden in Central America. The famous garden is in need of new plant material, signage and equipment.

There are several naming opportunities that can forever link your name to this historic garden.

  • $100,000 Bromeliad Hill
  • $30,000 Conference Hall- Sala Recepción
  • $25,000 Pollinator Garden
  • $25,000 Las Positas Water Garden
  • $25,000 Jardín de Mariposas Wedding Garden
  • $25,000 Wedding Gazebo
  • $2,500 Garden benches (10 available)

Palo Verde Research Station

The Palo Verde Research Station is home to the Palo Verde wetland, one of the largest and most important wetlands in Central America. The surrounding area is also home to one of the largest  tropical lowland dry forest remaining in Mesoamerica. Palo Verde’s wetlands have been classified an international Ramsar site for wetland protection.

OTS is launching an ambitious plan to engage stakeholders in Guanacaste and throughout Costa Rica to restore the Palo Verde wetland. Outlined below are the multiple strategies for the project.

  1. Comprehensive Science Review of the existing knowledge regarding the Palo Verde wetland – what do we know and what are the information gaps. This review will provide a foundation for moving forward – what information do we have to guide restoration efforts and what additional research is needed. Est. cost of $25,000
  2. Accelerate Translational Science – Once we have a clear understanding of the current knowledge of the wetland, we will need to accelerate research to address knowledge gaps and to implement promising solutions to scale. Funding would be used for the following projects (est. cost of $100,000).
    • Palo Verde Science Officer to oversee and advance research, restoration efforts and community partnerships.
    • Pilot Research Funding – for new and innovative projects that need to develop “proof of concept” to secure long-term, institutional funding.
    • Translation Research Funding – support for promising restoration efforts that need to be brought to scale.

To learn more about each research station please visit this link

For more information about any of these projects, please contact James Boyle, Vice President of Philanthropy at james.boyle@tropicalstudies.org.