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Driving Scientific Discovery & Knowledge


Enriching Human Perception of Nature


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The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)

The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) is a nonprofit consortium of about fifty universities, colleges, and research institutions worldwide. Founded in 1963, OTS’ mission is to provide leadership in education, research, and the responsible use of natural resources in the tropics. The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) has operations in three countries and research stations and education programs in Costa Rica and South Africa. For the last half century, The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) has been the world’s leading institution in the study of tropical biology, with more than 360 courses in tropical ecology, conservation and global health and over 8000 students trained, including many of the world’s leading tropical ecologists.

Our purpose is to sustain our tropical ecosystems by driving scientific discovery and knowledge, by enriching human perception of nature and by enhancing worldwide policy actions in the tropics.

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OTS is undergoing an exciting time of growth and renewal. Your investment will help sustain the world’s tropical ecosystems by supporting OTS’ work in three critical areas:

  1. Research – driving scientific discovery and knowledge to answer the most pressing questions for the future of the tropics;
  2. Education – inspiring the next generation on their path to discovery and global leadership;
  3. Policy – informing worldwide policies that impact the tropics.

The health of the tropics, and the entire planet, will require the personal involvement of people from around the world – please add your voice to the effort, today!

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Organization for Tropical Studies

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