La Selva as part of Sustainable Tourism in Sarapiquí area

OTS is pleased to report that in 2018, Sarapiquí was accredited as one the first Sustainable Tourism Destinations of Central America and the Caribbean.

This certification was developed under the Tour-Cert company system, which allowed the destination to make deep diagnoses of the present sustainability aspects, determinate priorities and implement improvement plans through criteria based on international standards of quality management and sustainability.

The development of this certification process allowed all stakeholders and interest groups linked to tourism to be integrated into sustainable practices, corporate social responsibility and quality in the provision of services. The process also established the Sustainability Council that manages and ensures the continuous improvement of this certification.

La Selva Research Station is part of this group of institutions and companies with the “TourCert” certificate. OTS is proud of the work we have done as a station to be part of this important recognition. Our efforts began in 2011 with small renovations in the buildings for the installation of more efficient and less polluting equipment such as light bulbs, water-free urinals, solar water heaters for the rooms, and more recently the additional of solar panels. In addition, we promote the training of our staff for the responsible consumption and use of the station’s natural resources including the use of recycled materials. One of the greatest benefits of the station is the carbon fixation from over 1,600 hectares of protected forests.

It is wonderful to have the La Selva Research Station recognized for its commitment to sustainability and, reinforces values; promoting education, research and the rational use of natural resources.

Environmental Fair at La Selva-2018
Proyecto Valores: Promoting Sustainable Forests at La Selva