The Field Notebook: Podcast Portrays a New Side of Science

Two great friends of OTS launched a new podcast to take science beyond academia. The project named The Field Notebook” is developed by Francisco (“Fran”) Bravo, biologist and audiovisual producer, and Pablo Muñoz, biologist and OTS Education Coordinator, and seeks to show a more innovative and exploratory side of science and the people behind it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Fran and Pablo have been driven by the need to tell stories of biology, ecology, and conservation in Costa Rica. That drive led them to start the Tico Overland project whereby they traveled the country to documentthe science that is done in these unexplored places and the adventure it takes to get there. 

To this day, both have kept developing new content, but a few months ago they came up with the idea of telling the stories of people who do science in a non-traditional way. They decided that a podcast was the ideal way to showcase the voices of these people talking about their careers and projects. This is how they came up with the idea of producingThe Field Notebook” (La libreta de campo, in Spanish).

The podcast is aimed at young (and not-so-young) individuals who are starting a career in the natural sciences. It also seeks to reachall those people who are outside of science to tell them that biologists do not only identify bugs,says Pablo.

The first season will feature four guests: David Romero, Entomologist; Silvia Echeverría, Ecotoxicologist; Natalie Sánchez, Ornithologist; and Sofía Rodríguez, Herpetologist and OTS Director of Academics. It will be launched during the first week of March

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La libreta de campo: podcast retrata un nuevo lado de la ciencia
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